"There is no greater act of love than to serve others."

The Power of Partnership

There is great power when two or more join unified in partnership with a vision for a worthy cause.  Some goals are just too big to accomplish alone.  When we join in partnership, we build a focused power that can bring about lasting change in personal lives, communities, families and reach around the world.

Partners leave their mark on the world that they live in and leave behind.  It changes the ordinary and propels the extraordinary. The power of partnerships intentionally disrupts the status quo in a positive, passionate attempt to impact lives.

The power of partnership is that it connects us in so many ways. When you join in partnership with this ministry as a monthly, or yearly partner you are linking arms with us and becoming a part of a powerful community of passionate world changers.

As you give into this ministry, we are committed to giving back into your life.  We commit to do this by assisting you fulfill your purpose and making your dreams become a reality.  We want to help inspire you and give you the necessary tools to fulfill all that God has called you to do.


You may not know anyone who is in prison, and you may not be called to go into a prison, but everyone can do something to make an impact in someone’s life.

Teaching Training and Transforming lives is what we do in the KPM Leadership Academy.  These veterans are the return on your investment. Our students are creating a new identity through their relationship with Jesus Christ.  They are discovering their passion, unlocking their potential, and walking into their purpose. Over 90% of our students will return into society, one may be your neighbor.  Be assured that we are confident that our students will be contributors and will be a positive influence upon return. Join us in transforming lives.  They Matter!