"Your greatest blessing is on the other side of your obedience."

Kent & Priscilla

For more than 28 years, Kent and Priscilla Pate have served communities around the world. As missionaries, pastors, key-note speakers, and life and business coaches, they have demonstrated a tremendous passion for serving others.  For years, they have been aiding those in need and offering a life-line of love and hope.​

Their spiritual foundation and ministry experience, along with certifications as coaches and leadership trainers, provide them the passion and aptitude to ignite transformational change.

Both Kent and Priscilla possess a unique desire to help people discover and unlock their full potential.  It is their heart and mission to help others achieve greatness and success by knowing that they are valuable and capable of living a life of significance and purpose.

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To motivate, guide, educate and inspire others to live their best life and be all that God created them to be. To unlock potential by adding value to others with life-changing transformational leadership principles. To live a life of significance in service unto others.


Our mission is to build people.  We believe that everyone is valuable and created by God with a plan and purpose.  We are convinced that change happens on the inside before results ever appear on the outside.  It is our passion to help unlock greatness from within and help others live a passionate, purposeful life in Jesus Christ.

“Kent is a man consumed with a passion for souls and he's one of the finest soul-winners I've ever met. His fervent spirit and his love  for the lost will inspire anyone to return to their first love, that is to share the love of Jesus with those who are without Him."

Dr. Jerry Savelle

Founder of Jerry Savelle Ministries

Finding a coach is a game-changer in your personal life and business.  And every great coach needs a coach and Kent and Priscilla have some of the best.  Kent and Priscilla are trained, certified, and mentored by John C. Maxwell and his amazing team. They hold several credentials and are licensed and ordained through several ministerial organizations. 

They travel internationally teaching, training and equipping leaders.  They are also sought after international motivational speakers.  They are in demand due to their fun unique style in helping their audiences break down limiting beliefs, begin to dream again and find meaning and purpose in their lives.

“With success my influence is limited, but with significance my influence is unlimited.  Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less.”

John Maxwell

“I am thrilled that Gloria and I and KCM are part of this ministry. I have been given the distinct honor of speaking to these veterans. We are in a very special place at a very special time. I can’t remember another meeting where I took the podium and gave my military serial number and said “Atten Hut” and now we can praise the Lord. I am so thrilled to be a part of this.”

Kenneth Copeland