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Kent and Priscilla are both certified Public Speakers, Leadership Trainers and Life and Business Coaches and have established Lift Leadership & Consulting. They are available to speak at Churches, Businesses,
Corporate Events, Luncheons, Workshops, Retreats and even formal gatherings. To inquire about scheduling Kent or Priscilla to be your Keynote Speaker at your next event, view the links below. You may book Kent and Priscilla together or separately, depending on the nature of your specific event.


Have you ever wanted to get in shape but you just can’t do it on your own?   Many people hire a personal trainer to hold them accountable to help them set attainable goals and guide them through their health and fitness journey.  Great results take place when they glean from the expertise of the trainer and consistently work the program. 


Well, this is exactly what we do at Lift Leadership & Consulting.   As a certified trainer/coach for your business or non-profit organization you can expect quality training that will boost your sales, staff enthusiasm and the overall growth of your business.    We assist any business large or small in identifying strategic goals for your organization so you can get results.  We challenge you in self awareness, accountability, and put together a step by step plan to get your business mentally and physically healthy.  Once we get your organization fit and strong, you can operate at peak performance.  We help you and your business to take on a new shape by getting a vision and mindset to produce realistic and lasting results.  We are experts at moving you and your business to where you are to where you want your business to be.  We will help you go and grow to the next level in revenue and success


Get to know us below and see if we are a fit for your event.


I have lived my life juggling motherhood, full time employment, being an entrepreneur and trying to constantly stay on top. Over many years of allowing life to dictate stress, insecurity and pressure to me, I’ve learned that with a great attitude and determination I could

change the pages of my life.

discovered that I was the only one that could make the necessary adjustment to

be a better ME and start living a life I loved.

I made a choice to believe in myself and I purposed to create new daily habits, set new goals and to start dreaming again.

On this journey, I found success

and became passionate to impart and share these same techniques to help others and add value into their lives. Since this change I have had the opportunity to help thousands discover a better life by working on being the best they can be.

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As a result of corporate experience as a Regional Director for the fastest growing Television Network in the world, and also Director of Operations for an International Non Profit organization with ten locations around the world, I am prepared to assist you with staff development to improve overall efficiency and increase your profit margin. With pastoral experience including speaking, coaching and training staff members and volunteer leaders, I am confident that I can assist you at the point of your need to offer the solutions that will shape your company for increased success.

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Not a problem! We love when we get to work together!



Kent and Priscilla have tackled many speaking engagements together, from conferences to coaching. After being married for over 30 years, and working side by side for many years, these two are a "Dynamic Duo."  

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