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Behind the Wire Leadership

Re-Integration Program






















































Every day brave men and women stand before our countries beautiful flag and raise their right hand as a sign of commitment to serve something greater than themselves, our great nation.  However, many of our veterans return home with not just physical scars but with scars that can't be seen.  After many years of honorable service, many return home and are faced with the difficulty of discovering their new identity in civilian life.  For many, the struggle is overwhelming as they try to find new purpose and meaning within themselves.  When soldiers come back from war, part of the war comes back with them.  These men and women have faithfully served our country and have received honorable discharges from their branch of the military.  Regretfully, without proper re-entry programs, many find themselves displaced, homeless, confused, and dealing with drug and alcohol addictions stemming from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Unfortunately, in many cases, this leads to incarceration. 




















KPM is passionate about helping to restore dignity to the lives of these veterans.  Our vision is to give them a second chance to once again become productive in society, proud parents, family members, and a contributor to their communities.  The "KPM Leadership Training Academy" is a program specifically designed to transform the lives of incarcerated men and women veterans within the prison system.  We focus on justice-involved veterans committed to personal change which rectifies the problem of victimizing the general public upon re-entry.  The previously neglected veterans are finally being identified for their service to our country in preparation to offer them the program.  KPM is giving veterans wings, so they can use their leadership skills in a productive way to serve their comrades and communities and their voice can once again be heard as they live to lead.  

KPM is working closely with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to help veterans who are "behind the wire" by bringing the best evidence-based curriculum backed by 50 years of expertise, including leadership specific curriculum.  We have partnered in a Cognitive Behavioral evidence-based curriculum that addresses PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) domestic violence and anger management.  Our program is designed to strengthen veterans in the power of influence, personal development, communication skills, and mindset shifts.  Whether the justice-involved veteran gains insight into more productive ways to deal with anger or gains functional guidance on how to be a good employee, each curriculum is backed by research and specifically designed to reduce recidivism.

































The program's participants will be better equipped to avoid the trap of re-offending and the tragedy of creating new victims.  There are 180,000 veterans incarcerated in the U.S. and 8200 incarcerated veterans in the state of Texas.  Through an established and proven method of selecting and vetting these veterans, the ideal candidates are chosen for our Leadership Academy.  As an organization, our purpose is to teach train and equip these veterans for their transition and re-entry into civilian life.  Each student is personally selected and makes a written commitment to this extensive transformational leadership training.  Students receive their course materials free of charge are required to complete daily reading assignments and action items.  During the weekly class training, the curriculum will be discussed in a round-table setting giving the student the opportunity to discuss openly struggles and wins for the week.  There is a high level of mentorship, transparency, and accountability within the session.  Through this strategic process, a unique bond transpires within the group.  Transformational leadership is being implemented and men and women are experiencing the opportunity to successfully regain confidence and skills to assist them when they return home to their family and become an asset in society.  This program is designed to bring hope and honor to these veterans while giving them the tools and training to succeed in life once again.



We can't do this vision alone!  We are asking others to join together with us in the MOVEMENT!  With our partners, together we can reach out and honor our forgotten heroes.  We can give them an opportunity to lead with dignity once again.  If you desire to be a part of this dynamic mission and see veterans released from "behind the wire" and become high functioning members of society.  Then we want to welcome you!  Get ready to see veterans with new reborn skills in leadership development making an impact because they have been given the gift of new meaning and purpose.


So raise your right hand and join with us as we commit to supporting these hidden soldiers.  Let's show them that they are not forgotten. Let's express our support by giving them the opportunity to be strong leaders once again.  Let's join together to fulfill the vision that they made when they raised their right hand and said I'll go for you.... send me!  Freedom is never FREE!


KPM is a non-profit 501-C3 and is solely supported by partnerships, volunteers, and donations.  We pray that you will consider giving back to help free those who have faithfully served so we can be FREE!        


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