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Their Life is Worth It!

You Sow...She Sews Project






























We have discovered that in impoverished third world countries there are very limited resources for people who are in desperate need.  There are very few sustainable opportunities to pull themselves up from the grips of extreme poverty.  Vocational, life skills development, and leadership training is desperately needed to take the beginning steps toward positive change.  Fortunately, we have been called to Belize with a plan!























THE CHALLENGE:  Single mothers trying to raise their children on their own are the most negatively impacted.  They are commonly illiterate or under-educated and extremely vulnerable to sexual exploitation.  Because of this many struggle to survive.  With desperation to provide, many become prey to drugs, prostitution, or are lured into human sex trafficking.


THE SOLUTION:  What solution can we offer a young desperate mom who may not even know how to read or write?  What hope is provided for her life and for her children with little to no money and extremely limited opportunities?  Even in the face of such desperation, we are moving in with a plan.  This program is targeted to the extremely disadvantaged communities within the country.  In this endeavor, the focus is toward the release of victims of human trafficking.  Our vision is to equip these impoverished women with tools to change the current trajectory of her life forever.  For many, this will be the first time she will not feel alone and know that someone cares.  She will be provided with the encouragement, tools, and education to provide an income for her family.  This training will bring hope and value to her and allow her to be set free from this destructive life of bondage that she has been unwillingly entrapped in.


THE STRATEGY:  When a woman enters the program, she commits to our simple yet very effective training. Most of the classes are held in local schools where she is provided a sewing machine to use during training. Along with this she is provided all the items needed to begin this life-giving opportunity (fabric, notions, etc.) During the training, she is taught the basics of sewing, but most importantly, she is taught the Word of God. The Word, brings lasting change, healing, and restoration. Once she completes the program and has shown faithful, she receives a certificate that is recognized as vocational training through the Department of Education and is gifted the sewing machine free of charge to begin her new life. She now can apply for a license to start her own business. There are 156 villages in Belize and our program is in 4. Our goal is to have this program in every village in the country. Imagine the change this can make! When you sow... she sews!












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