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When You Sow.. She SEWS Project

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Over the last year we have been working on a project that is very near to our hearts. We became aware of young women and children who have fallen prey and are being held as prisoners of human and sex trafficking. Unfortunately, this is a huge problem in so many places around the world.

Once this horrific travesty was exposed to us, we couldn’t look the other way. We had to do something to make a difference in these precious lives. These girls are so valuable and need their voice to be heard. Our desire is to give them the opportunity to live out the life they each deserve.

This is when the “You Sow...She Sews Project” began. We established this project which is currently part of providing the tools (sewing machines, fabric, notions, graduations, etc.) for these young Victims to become VICTORS in their life. These girls sew to gain freedom from extreme poverty, hopelessness and abuse. If you look at the photo at the top of the page you can see the smile on this young girls face as she holds that fabric in her hands that she cherishes because she knows that this is her path to a new life. We are so blessed to do our part in helping her change the direction of her life and giving her the ability to do great things.

On our journey to visit these girls, we drove many miles through the jungle, traveling down washed out unpaved bumpy dirt roads. For many miles we had to weave in and out while dodging large pot holes to reach this tiny village which is located right on the border of Belize and Guatemala.

When we arrived, the girls came out to greet and welcome us. Their ages range from around 13-26. They had anticipated our arrival and were so excited to meet us. They embraced me with hugs and wanted to sit and talk and ask me so many questions. However, the one question they asked that was so heartbreaking was how they could live a successful life when they didn’t feel like anyone even knew they existed. I reassured them that God knew they existed or we wouldn’t be there and they would’t have been a part of this program.

God loved them SO MUCH that He made a way for them to be found, rescued, and has set their life in a new direction. I told them, that’s how much you are loved! I shared with them that each of you (our partners) loved them and cared about them. I told them how you were helping with purchasing the sewing machines, praying for them and believing for the them to succeed and do great things.

Then we had a mini fashion show as the girls proudly modeled all the beautiful dresses, tops, skirts and pants they made....all with NO patterns! They also were so proud to have made their very own cap and gown for graduation day! They shared how others in the village were already coming to them to sew clothing for their families. They also have new opportunities to sew school uniforms for the young children in the local school.

Many of these girls have never achieved such a milestone in their life. However, we know that God has a special plan for them and this is the first milestone of many.

As we prepared to leave they wrapped their arms around us and begged us to stay. With tears in our eyes we said, its not goodbye it's just until next time... We left a big part of our heart with them that day!

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