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Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The LORD replies, “I have seen violence done to the helpless, and I have heard the groans of the poor. Now I will rise up to rescue them, as they have longed for me to do.” Psalm 12:5 NLT

We are so excited to share with you the amazing things that have been happening in the Belize "You Sew, She Sows" Project. It is so wonderful to see how God can use the seemingly simple things to show how BIG HE IS!

We have launched a boutique! You may ask, "why a boutique?" This boutique is different than most. Its mission is not just about's about giving to save lives. We were blessed to send three large boxes of brand new beautiful clothing, shoes and jewelry to help launch the boutique. This boutique project is so near and dear to our hearts. Along side our long time ministry partner in Belize, we have strengthen and expanded our reach to rescue at risk young girls. We have established a lifeline to reach into remote villages on the border of Belize and Guatemala.

Just for a moment, imagine being a 12 year old girl in a very impoverished country completing the sixth grade. You are aware that your free education is over and you know that your family will not be able to spend the money to further your education. The school fee is approximately $20 U.S. a month which is unattainable for most families, especially with several children. This scenario is almost incomprehensible for us. Just imagine having to wear this type of burden at such a young age. Having to wonder what is ahead for your future and what you would do in the days ahead. Many are put to work outside the home and this is where they become high risk for trafficking. These young innocent girls become victims of corrupt systems set up for abuse and exploitation.

Some of these girls are unjustly taken as slaves and fall prey to the horrific injustice of human sex trafficking. This MUST STOP! The Lord hears their cry and we are committed to be the voice for those who have been kept silent. These girls deserve an opportunity to be young girls and do what young girls do and live a life free from control and abuse.

These sewing classes are showing these girls that they are valuable and worthy. Through this process they are building new hope, and are learning to trust. The course is giving them the courage and confidence along with an opportunity to create a new life for themselves. The opportunity to create and accomplish such beauty is giving their life purpose and true meaning. Being in a Christ centered environment is vital in these girls and their growth and development. They learning daily how much Jesus loves them and they are being taught how to listen and find peace and strength in their relationship with Him.

The boutique also gives these girls an outlet to sell the items that they are designing and sewing. We also assisted in the purchase of outdoor canopies that are used to set their goods up at several local open air markets. The money that is raised is used to assist them in their expenses and purchase more fabric and supplies. The boutique is helping to provide the things needed to advance the sewing project and reach more girls with the program. There are many who are hearing about the sewing classes and are desperately waiting to join.

In the ministry of Jesus, He was always on a mission to help others. His short three year ministry was packed full of reaching out to help those in need and those individuals that society had given up on. He knew his purpose on this earth and paved the way by his example of love and compassion. He gave sight to the blind, caused the lame to walk, cared for the widow, cast out demons, healed the sick, gave sound mind to the mentally ill, took care of the orphaned, and enriched the oppressed and so much more!

Jesus lived out the model for us to duplicate in our lives and ministries. His interpretation of success was not money, fame or material possessions.....

it was all about serving others and a TRANSFORMED life! This is our mission!

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