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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Today, we have some GOOD NEWS to share with you! We want to introduce you to one of our students who participated in the KPM Leadership Academy. Our leadership academy trains leaders around the world. However, one of the places we are seeing tremendous growth and impact is our academy that is reaching "Behind the Wire" to incarcerated men. These courses are bringing hope to those who feel that they are forgotten. We know that God hasn't forgotten them and neither have we!

We want you to meet our friend Sean Oliver. Sean was one of our leaders and also served as a facilitator within the academy. Sean successfully graduated and helped faithfully lead and assisted in many facets of the program.

We are happy to report that he was released from prison in April 2020 after serving a

27-year sentence. Sean is now re-integrating back into society with a host family that has welcomed him in Austin, Texas. He now has two jobs, has been accepted into Bible school and is getting acclimated within his community with great success. We want to share a little of Sean's testimony so you can hear how God has totally transformed his life!

Sean's Story:

"You can do anything you put your mind to!" From the beginning of my life, this mantra was spoken to me by my mother. My mother was my greatest helper, cheerleader, and friend. Unfortunately, many wrong choices in my life led me down a lonely dark path. A desire for women, money, greed, and a strong desire for power caught up with me when I was arrested and convicted of capital murder.

As I was being arrested as strange as it may sound, I knew that it was an answer to prayer. For so long I had been battling with myself, trying to live two lives. A life that had been instilled in me as a young boy and the life of crime, greed, and selfishness that I had chosen in the world.

My life was totally out of control! Only weeks before my arrest, as I was getting out of the shower, I felt a deep dark consuming power engulf me from the inside. At that moment I fell to my knees feeling totally consumed in this darkness, I heard my Mothers voice loud and clear say, "Son, if you ever find yourself in something that Mama can't get you out of, remember to call upon the Lord and He will help you." Immediately, I said, "God please help me, I'm selfish and greedy and I have hurt so many people but I can't stop on my own!"

While in jail awaiting my trial, I read a Faith to Faith devotional and started attending the weekly church services. However, my thinking was still that of a criminal.

Then on December 31, 1992, once again, my two lives met. As I entered my cell minutes before January 1, 1993, I dropped to my knees on the cold concrete floor and asked Jesus Christ to come into my life.

Immediately, I was changed! For the first time, I could feel the presence of God. The anger and tormenting thoughts and emotions that I had held in my heart for so long began to somehow melt away. For the first time, I was consumed with a new feeling of love and compassion. This new journey was a process of letting go of old things and replacing them with new ones. New thoughts that would help me be a better man! I wanted to be the man my Mom always knew that I could be.

I spent month after month reading the Word of God and allowing it to change me from the inside out! I knew that it was this road I had traveled of so many bad choices that led me straight to Jesus!

Through this transition, I began to faithfully serve Jesus. It was that powerful decision that led me to desire to serve others. Since that day God has opened many doors for me to teach others about a life in Christ. He has allowed me to preach, teach, and mentor other young men and assist them along their journey. I know that God has put me on this earth for a reason and a purpose and that is to help others live this life in Christ. (Sean Oliver)

We are continuing to mentor Sean as he continues to make great strides. He has a dynamic personality and is a positive influence to all those he is around. We are so blessed to watch him live out his God given purpose. Please continue to pray for Sean as he continues to create a new life for himself. This time he is doing things different, and we can't wait to see how God uses him to do great things!

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