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Sewing Their Way to Success!

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

These are the twelve girls that have graduated from the sewing program in 2020. We are so excited to be a part of what God is doing in Belize and around the world. We are blessed to be a part of giving these girls a chance to look forward with hope and anticipation into their bright future!

Did you know that 80% of the people in this world live on less than $10 a day, and in many places, it is less than $2 a day? Shocked? Well, I know that we were when we found out this staggering statistic.

Over the many years of reaching impoverished countries, we discovered that there are very limited resources for people to pull themselves out of poverty without some sort of assistance. Statistically, the most negatively impacted are the young boys and girls and single mothers trying to raise numerous children on their own. They are commonly illiterate or under-educated and extremely vulnerable to sexual exploitation and human trafficking as they struggle to survive and daily make ends meet.

So how do we solve this problem and give a young girl with only a sixth-grade education or a young mom with no education striving to provide a life for her children with little to no money or opportunities? Kenton Pate Ministries, our partners, and faithful co-laborers in Belize are moving in with a plan. This program reaches out with a hand of hope to a young girls and single moms and allows her to learn a vocation that can bring an income into her household and provide for her family.

This is the strategy of the "You Sow... She Sews Program." When a young women enters into this program, she commits to three months of training. Each student is provided a sewing machine, fabric, notions, and all the supplies that are needed to start her training free of charge.

During the duration of her training she makes a commitment to attend all classes and is taught by a paid instructor (usually one of the older experienced girls who have already completed the program) who will teach her the basics of sewing. In class, she will begin to make items for her family that will meet an immediate need. Once she completes the program, she is gifted the sewing machine and supplies to get her started to start her own sewing business which will help in meeting the needs of her desperate situation.

We have seen such success in this program and are excited to see the lives of these families in these small villages in Belize being impacted.

We are asking if you would partner with us to purchase the sewing machines, fabric, and the needed supplies to keep these classes going. Will you help reach our goal to expand our reach into156 villages within the country of Belize!

Here is how you can help!

Sponsorship of One Student: $450

Sponsorship Includes:

Brand New Sewing Machine

All Fabric & Supplies: (Fabric, notions, thread, scissors, pins, etc)

Graduation Celebration (cake, supplies, food etc)

Certificate of Completion

Small Salary for the Instructor

If you are not able to fully sponsor a student, consider giving any amount to assist in helping us reach our goal. We have numerous classes waiting to start, however, we need your help to attain the supplies and launch them.

Please join with us in prayer and support to see these precious lives changed and help us help them create a new life and a new future! They are counting on us!

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