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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We want to share some big things that are happening "behind the wire" in the KPM Veterans outreach in the Texas prisons. Kent and I are so honored to be reaching incarcerated veterans through the KPM Leadership Academy. This KPM outreach is a part of our veterans pre-release re-integration program. These men and women stood before our flag, raised their right hand and faithfully served our country so we can daily enjoy living a life of freedom. But as we all know...."Freedom is NEVER Free." Freedom comes with a price!

Unfortunately, many of these who faithfully served came back home with scars that are deep and unresolved. These type of scars are not physically seen but are real and require a process of healing. We are excited to assist in their journey of learning. They are taught not to count their losses but to grow themselves in life's new lessons. We do this by unlocking a new mindset and helping them to attain a new way of thinking that brings hope and opens them to new possibilities in life. Our goal is to return them to be the leaders, parents, spouses and community servants that we know that they can be. This KPM outreach is very near and dear to our hearts because both mine and Kent's fathers' served as Marines in the military. We count it an honor to have the opportunity to take our leadership academy to serve veterans who have a desire to change.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

Proverbs 13:12

I want to share a story with you so you can gain an understanding of the miraculous things that are happening each week with the incarcerated veterans who are attending our re-integration program through the KPM Leadership Academy. It is important for me to share this because as a partner, you are right along with us every step of the way. Our life is being impacted and I know that yours will too! This outreach is about second chances!

The teaching format for one of our programs is the mastermind roundtable methodology. This training encourages each person to share and give insight within the group on specific takeaways in the lesson that are highlighted to them during the training. We encourage an environment of love and transparency because we know that it is the key to transformation.

One day as we made our way around the table we came to a young man who served our country in the US Army as a paratrooper in Iraq. He is 32 years old and is serving a 40 year sentence. He hasn't heard from his parents or family members the entire 14 years of his incarceration. As you can only imagine, over the years, he has been diagnosed as depressed, suicidal and has become extremely withdrawn. He is very quiet and exudes a heartbreaking sense of hopelessness. He doesn't participate much and has very minimal interaction during the sessions. The other men seem to respect him and are very patient with his nongregarious behavior.

Last week as we worked our way around the table, I asked this question. "What limiting belief do you feel is holding you back from progressing forward in your life?" It just so happened that it was this particular young mans turn to answer. He looked down and very quietly said, "I am unworthy of anyone loving me and I don't deserve anything good in my life." Wow, my heart sunk as I saw the countenance on his face and realized that this was the reality that he was living.

As we all sat in silence, which seemed like eternity, all eyes were on him as he continued to look down in brokenness and defeat. I softly spoke up and said, "Thank you for your honesty and transparency, however would you like to break free of that limiting belief?" He said, "Yes, but I don't know how." I then said, "I want everyone of your brothers sitting here at this table to tell you exactly what they think about you." Without hesitation, as we went around the circle each man shared with him how important he was to them and to the veterans program. They shared with him how he was a great leader and how they admired him,

his intellect, persistence and unique personality. They shared how they cared about him and encouraged him that they believed in him. As they shared these powerful life changing words with him, he never looked up. He looked down, but tears were now welling up in his big brown eyes.

Once they had all shared, I asked him "How do you feel now?" He said, with no facial expression, "I feel emotional because I never knew that anyone felt that way about me." We decided that day that we would help him evict those old mindsets and limiting beliefs that he had believed about himself. We helped him frame a new confession for his life that would build him up, and replace those old untrue limiting thoughts. So as a group, we decided that his new daily confession would be "I am Enough!" Since that day he has been starting his day with this daily confession 50 times and again 50 times when he goes to bed. Each week since that day we have seen such change in his countenance, his interaction and he is even smiling, which others say he hasn't done in years.

HOPE in Jesus can heal the heart for anyone who is open and that is ready to receive! This young man is not a christian, however we are standing and believing that God will touch his heart as we point him to Jesus by walking in His love.

Join the Movement By Becoming A Partner!

Everyone is looking to be a part of something that is "bigger" than themselves! When you join our community of change makers you partner with a community of people who are passionate about bringing positive change around the world!

When you become a partner, you have priority to mission trips, access to our online community and updates on what is happening first. You will receive positive reports of encouragement that will help you in your own personal journey! Come join the movement!

Go behind the wire with us by sponsoring an incarcerated veteran. Your partnership can support one veteran for only $1,000 a year. This can be a one time gift or a monthly donation of $84.00. This will provide the following: (Training Curriculum, books, workbooks, DISK personality assessment, graduation diploma, cap and gown, supplies and more.)

Help us restore and change a Veterans life forever! They MATTER!

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