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"Hope" for Veterans!

As we previously shared, when we started raising longhorns we weren't quite sure why! We knew that we loved the breed and got so much enjoyment from having then on Happy Haven Ranch, however we also felt in our heart that they weren't strictly for our enjoyment. We knew that God had brought them to the ranch for a purpose.

Fast forward several years and many leadership courses and graduations later, we realized that these longhorns were a BIG part fo the vision. We discovered that as we were raising longhorns that they had great potential to help us raise up leaders.

This is how the "Cattle with a Cause" project began! Last month we had the opportunity to personally donate our beautiful 88" tip to tip longhorn to the Legends Futurity Longhorn sale in Duncan, Oklahoma hosted by Justin Rombeck. Like us, Justin has a heart to reach veterans and invited us to share about the KPM Leadership Academy at the event. He offered us the opportunity to put "Hope" as the donation longhorn to be auctioned for our non-profit.

Kent began the evening by opening up with a beautiful prayer. We then were introduced and given the opportunity to share how God is opening up many doors for the KPM Leadership Academy to reach "Behind the Wire." We were able to share our testimony of how God had asked us to go where many don't desire to go. We also shared how God had spoken to us that our greatest blessing was on the other side of our obedience.

We knew that as we took a step of faith that He would meet us there, and that's just what happened. We told several stories of men that were on the brink of suicide that had started coming to our class and found new purpose and now have the motivation to live it out while they are in prison. We have learned so many lessons during our time behind bars. One is how to love, how to live and how to forgive. We are so thankful that we serve a God that is full of love and mercy. His mercy is new every day!

It was very exhilarating as they showcased "Hope" in the arena. She stood so proud as the auctioneer began calling out as the bids began to rise. Hope was actioned off to the highest bidder with all of the proceeds going directly to help us expand the academy and reach forgotten veterans. Hope was purchased by a ranch owner in South Carolina and he was excited to be a part of helping us reach veterans.

It is our mission and we are committed to reach out, share love and encouragement, and see lives changed. There are approximately 180,000 veterans across the United States who have found themselves incarcerated. Of those, 8,200 are in Texas where we reside. The need is great to make sure that these men and women don't leave prison the same way that they arrived. It is our mission to teach, train and equip them in leadership and personal development so they develop a new set of tools and weapons to fight a very different type of enemy. Unfortunately, in most cases, the enemy is themself!

The KPM Leadership Academy addresses that problem by offering a program that helps them to identify and change old mindsets. Through this process they are able to break free from old destructive thinking patterns. We lead them on a journey of not looking back, but we encourage them to look forward to a new life of freedom!

The "Cattle with a Cause" project will help us financially provide the necessary equipment, training material, video training courses and conduct quality graduations (with cap and gown) for incarcerated veterans and non-veterans.

It will allow for new opportunities through life changing transformational leadership. We will be able to help many get the wisdom they need to successfully re-integrate back in to civilian life.

The KPM Leadership Academy is quickly building a strong reputation within TDJC. Currently, we are scheduled to add three new prisons and six new classes filled with veterans who desire to grow into the leaders they long to be. Please consider helping us to expand the academy and reach more forgotten veterans! Together we can do great things!

KPM Leadership Academy veteran students marching in cadence in preparation for graduation! All branches of the armed forces represented.

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