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How many times in life do you find yourself saying, "I'll do that tomorrow, or I'll do that later?" Unfortunately, tomorrow turns into next week that turns into next month, that sometimes turns into next year. Or, maybe it NEVER happens!

I want to share a story with you that I believe will show you that being intentional with your life has great pay-offs.

I want to tell you about Lewis. Lewis is a student in our KPM Leadership Academy Veterans program. He is a facilitator/leader in the maximum security prison where we train and instruct veteran inmates each week. Lewis faithfully served our country in the military but regretfully he has been incarcerated now for 27 years.

In one of our classes we were teaching on being "INTENTIONAL" with your life. The students learn that life can happen to you or for you but you have to make that choice.

They learn that one of the biggest dream stoppers in life is the insidious word "Later." Later is one of the biggest obstacles we put in our life that will derail our chances for success.

Lewis has been serving in the kitchen in the prison for the largest part of those 27 years of his incarceration. For years, he has wanted to transfer to another type of job. However, because he has been there so long and is well liked, he felt that if he asked the answer would most likely be no!

He was fearful that if he asked he would be let down and he couldn't take facing the fear of failure and rejection once again. So for 27 years he just decided to settle and make the best of his situation even though he was unhappy.

In one of the lessons, Kent shared a technique that can take you from being stuck in your circumstance into becoming intentional in your personal growth and development.

It is a very simple technique to help program your sub-conscience and build your faith in the process. This technique is simply repeating a phrase over and over again each day. He instructed the men to begin to implement this into their daily routine.

He shared with them that for the next 30 days when you get up in the morning say this phrase 50 times...."Do it NOW, Do it NOW, Do it NOW!......." Again at night, say this 50 times....."Do it NOW, Do it NOW, Do it NOW!........"

Being the great student that Lewis is, he decided to give it a try and began to do this faithfully everyday. After only doing this for three days, he was prompted to pull out the transfer request form that he had put away thinking he would never use. He said he heard Kent's voice say "DO IT NOW!" And without hesitation and not even hearing the screaming voices of fear that he had previously experienced, he completed the transfer request form and quickly turned it in to his superior in charge of the kitchen.

Much to Lewis's surprise, his request immediately was approved and he was transferred to his desired requested area within a day! WOW! I would say this works. Lewis couldn't wait to tell us his story and we all rejoiced over his BIG WIN!

Lewis shared that he realized that all those years he had let FEAR stand in the way of his desire. His greatest take away was don't allow time to pass you by without being intentional about going after what you want in life. He stated that he has wasted many years in prison just DOING TIME, but now he is changing his sentence to INVESTING TIME into himself and into his personal growth and development.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices that we make. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves."

Whatever you may be putting off in your life, take Lewis's advice and "DO IT NOW!" You won't regret it!

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