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ALWAYS FAITHFUL... Semper Fidelis

Updated: May 22, 2022

The LORD’S loving kindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fails. They are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness. Lamentations 3: 22,23

On June 4, 2021, we celebrated 26 years in full-time ministry. As we stopped to reflect back on all the previous years, there was a common thread throughout the journey. We could see so clearly God's abounding faithfulness every step of the way.

God was so faithful when he asked us as a very young couple with three small children to load up all our belongings, leave our family, and begin following him with little to no clear vision in sight. Just one simple step of faith after another. We would take one step, and he would reveal the next.

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BVOV Magazine September 2021

"Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT SEEN." Hebrews 11:1

The journey of faith is one step at a time. God usually doesn't give you the next instruction until you have the confidence to take the first. Faith is simply trusting God when you can't figure it out! It's like building muscles, the more you work at it the stronger you get.

Honestly, were there times when our journey was uncomfortable? Yes..MANY! Was stepping out in faith worth it? Absolutely! Did we grow? More than you can imagine! We grew in our faith knowing that God would never let us down. Every time God would instruct us to take a step or should I say.... a big leap of faith, it always seemed impossible, too big, and sometimes just simply overwhelming. But we soon learned that God's plan was so much better than we could have ever dreamed. We knew that if it was too big for us, then it was usually God. It taught us that God will never ask us to do something that we are capable of because He wants us to rely on Him, not ourselves.

(Click here to watch the interview at the "Countdown to Southwest" with Host Tim Fox.)

God has always done exceedingly abundantly above anything that we could ask, think or imagine in our lives and ministry. Well, you can just say, He has done it again! We are so blessed to add this last few months to our ministry journey

As you know over the last several years God has opened tremendous doors in our ministry to reach incarcerated veterans. Once again, He asked us to "GO" without any details or specific instructions, just with faith and obedience. We can honestly say that this outreach to veterans has been one of the most rewarding things that we have ever done over the last 26 years. Our lives have been tremendously impacted by the revival in lives that is taking place behind the wire.

Because we both have father's that served in the Marine's we feel that this is a way for us to give back to those who served our country. We are grateful that these men and women fought for us, now we are committed to fighting for them. We are so blessed by our many partners that help us make this happen.

Recently, we were so excited to be asked by KCM and the Believer's Voice of Victory to be the feature article and cover of the magazine. Wow! What a tremendous platform to be able to share our story. We are forever grateful for this opportunity to share the goodness of God and the amazing things He has done in our lives since answering the call.

Soon after the article, we were asked to be guests on "Countdown to Southwest" with host Tim Fox prior to the Southwest Convention held in Fort Worth Texas. The viewing audience for the broadcast was approximately 361 thousand viewers. Wow! Talk about the goodness of God!

We are so blessed to share what God is doing "Behind the Wire" and share how lives are being transformed. Statistics show that 22 veterans a day are taking their own life. Over 50% of our soldiers returning home are diagnosed with PTSD. These are real issues that must be addressed. We are passionate about giving these men the tools to know that they are valued and we are leading them on a path of faith, growth, and change.

This type of exposure will bring a new awareness of how others can get involved to reach more veterans and bring hope, love, change, and extend a second chance. This is a noble cause that we know is making a difference. We are watching God taking broken lives and put them back together again.

We learned early on, that God's vision for our life is big...but He is SO MUCH Bigger! Where He guides, He ALWAYS provides. Serving in ministry has been the most rewarding and adventurous life we could have ever asked for. God has taken us to seventeen nations around the world and we have made lifelong friends along the way. We have preached from large stages with thousands in attendance to a small hut in a remote village with less than ten people. Either way, it has been glorious! His presence has been with us everywhere we go.

We have been blessed to reach children and families around the world while distributing food, clothing, and much-needed supplies to some of the most desperate situations we could have ever seen. Over the years, we have laughed, cried, and felt overwhelmed with God's goodness knowing how much He loves us. We are all His children.

We are so thankful that He called us and we are honored to serve Jesus Christ. We are grateful that you are a vital part of everything we do! Together, we can show the world what true love looks like and let them know that GOD IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL!

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