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Over the past 23 years, we have been aiding the needs of the Native American people located on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona and New Mexico.  

We have  provided them with clothing, food, essential daily supplies, shelter, and most importantly the life changing Word of God.  


Looking forward, we aim to expand our mission endeavors as a ministry. It is important to us to not only sustain our current relations and support, but to reach beyond our present borders.


Renovating our affiliate church  located in Navajo, New Mexico.  This church is in need of updating inside and out.   Once completed this will assist the community in having a place of worship and will be an evangelistic tool to bring others in from the surrounding areas.   



Renovate and restore an existing parsonage on the church grounds.  This would allow us to accommodate future work  and mission teams on the Reservation. Once established this will be used as the lodging accommodations 

for hosting upcoming mission trips. 



Our vision is to construct an Outreach Training Center that will bring hope to the Navajo community.  This would include a place for leadership, entreprenurial, and basic lifeskill training.  It's purpose would be to elevate the Navajo community, while providing basic essentials such as food, clothing, and medical assistance.  This would not be a hand out but a hand up.  This would be an organized system  to those committing to the program.

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