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Kenton Pate Ministries is connected with several missions organizations across the globe, including works in the Navajo Reservation,Kisumu, andNairobi Kenya.


Our past endeavors have assisted in the education of children and young adults, providing housing for orphaned children, feeding the homeless, and supplying school supplies, clothing and essentials to the less fortunate. 


To assist in the ministry taking place in these locations, you can click the donate link.


​​In addition to our global missions work, we are also connected with several inner-city organizations within the North Texas region. What better way to share God's love than in your own community. Our outreaches have ranged form homeless shelters to nursing homes. We've been fortunate to have worked with the Boys and Girl's Club, Union Gospel Mission, the Presbyterian Night Shelter, and within the Butler Projects, just to name a few. If you are interested in being involved in any of our upcoming outreaches, please sign up HERE, and we will notify you of our upcoming events.  


​​As our lives continue to grow busier and the distractions of technology become louder, the cries of suffering human beings fade out of our ears. For millions of children around the world, food, clothing, and clean water are considered luxuries. Silent Cry is a division of KPM that reaches out to these children, and assists in meeting their needs for survival. Our goal is to bring awareness of communities where people are facing treacherous conditions, and to abolish the hunger and neglect that millions of people face on a daily basis. We aim to be their voice.

“Kent is a man of outstanding commitment and of quality character.  His fervor, fire, and his love for Jesus is sure to catch fire in all who have the privilege to be influenced by him." 

Reverend Gerald Davis

Founder, Author and President of Overflowing Cup Ministries

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