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Kent and his wife Priscilla are the founders of Kenton Pate Ministries. They met when they were in high school and were married in November of 1984.  They have three beautiful grown children, Jarrod, Casey, and Kayley who have always been a vital part of the vision of the ministry and over the years have served in various aspects of it.

Kent and Priscilla both grew up in Christian homes near the Houston area. They both worked full-time jobs in corporate America.  Kent holds a degree in Electronic Instrumentation.  Kent worked for Bendix Field Engineering located at the Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake, Texas as a Simulation Engineer/Trainer for many of our Astronauts as they prepare for flight in space.  In 1994 God led Kent and Priscilla to leave their full-time jobs and pursue formal education in ministry to fulfill the call that He had placed in their life.  Kent, Priscilla, and their children stepped out into the uncharted land as they both left their careers and families to follow the direction of the Lord.

Numerous miracles occurred during those formative years of training. Because of Kent's tremendous zeal and passion to reach people, during his first year of training he was asked to develop and establish the Evangelism/Outreach Department.  Through diligence and obedience many outreaches were established and there were thousands of documented salvations along with the development of a food pantry and numerous outreaches that were serving people every day of the week.  Priscilla was also in training and held a position as the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Education.  Kent and Priscilla pioneered many new departments within the bible school and both taught in the school in Texas and Priscilla in England.  They served on the staff for many years and were faithful to the establishment of this ministry.

In 1999 they founded Kenton Pate Ministries an evangelistic missions ministry that opened doors for them to minister locally and internationally.  They have a heart for missions and reaching the less fortunate which led them to pioneer a work in one of the most desolate places within the Navajo Nation.  Their ministry has taken them to preach the gospel all over the world to places such as Africa, Europe, Ukraine, Budapest Hungary to name a few. They pioneered a church in 1993 and were the Senior Pastors for nine years until 2012. They both are licensed and ordained through church for You and hold credentials with World Ministry Fellowship and Heritage of Faith Ministerial Association.       

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